Text 1 May Video Game Loop Series: Episode 20

Wow! Episode 20 already. This would have come sooner if I was more “in the motion” or down with a system. 

Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland - Game Boy Advanced (2002)

*Note that this is a remake of Kirby’s Adventure from 1993*

Composer - Hirokazu Ando/Jun Ishikawa

Although Kirby’s Adventure started out in black in white, we are all quite familiar with the pink, bubbly, blob  by now. Wether it’s his ability to float around with a gasp of air, or his ability to re-animate himself as his enemies by gobbling them up, Kirby has always been a wonderful character to play as. Usually when I do an episode of the VGLS, I like to use the original, However, I wanted to use the gameboy advanced version for this one for better music quality. It’s nice to see something wonderful remade to still fit the tone with a classic.

Ah the Butter Building, such a catchy little tune. I always enjoyed the music in this game because of how much it reflects our main character. It’s bubbly, upbeat, bright, and happy music. My favorite part about this song is that very slick bass riff keeping the beat up and at a steady pace.

Much like all the other tunes in the game, this one keeps a consistent pace with the quick flute notes. Listening to this one again made me think about the connection with how much breath it takes to play the flute and how Kirby’s biggest strength has got to be his… well breath! I mean he can suck up enemies, float around by holding his breath. I wonder if his abilities went into consideration when choosing instrumentation? Probably not.

Possibly my favorite of the Loops: the big battle between Kirby and Meta Knight. I think deep down, we all saw this character and thought “I want to be THAT guy.” Luckily, we got the chance when it came to Kirby: Nightmare In Dreamland and the lastest installment of the Super Smash Brothers series. This loop has so much frantic emotion thrown in it with it’s flurry of 16th notes everywhere. I love the tone of it all too: grim and ferocious, yet still upbeat and adventurous. 

I never realized that a lot of this soundtrack is not online. It’s a shame really, because I love paying tribute to great music and loops found in games. Taking just a small detour before I bid my farewell, I wanted to cover a game I have had since my early childhood called Total Eclipse. Unfortunately there was not much hope of finding the soundtrack for it. It looks like I might have to do some extra work to introduce you all to it! Have a good week everyone!

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